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Since its founding 1980 , OPT HELLAS SA , has been a leader in the in the development and application of custom crystal filter technology. Whether your application requires monolithic, discrete ,SSB technology filters or standard frequency filters with improved characteristics (group delay, IM , ripple), OPT stands ready as an experienced supplier to service your equirements.

Over the 22 years history , OPT HELLAS SA has developed more than 2000 crystal filters from 1.4 Mhz to 200 Mhz in Butterworth , Chebyshev , Linear Phase and Gaussian design types . The reference filter library allows OPT filter engineers to realize a successful and timely development for a new crystal filter requirement.
OPT HELLAS offers custom LC and Microwave Filters with a broad selection of Frequencies , topologies and packages, ranging from audio to 3.0 Ghz and up to 200 wats in power. The topologies include , Low Pass , Band Pass , High Pass and Band Reject. Special Characteristics such as IM distortion, phase & amplidute match etc are optimized during Manufacturing.

LC filters are available in a variety of Packages including SMT which are compatible with today’s SMT processes.

Use of standard packages has enabled OPT HELLAS to provide Custom units while keeping delivery time to a minimum.

OPT HELLAS offers a full line of Cavity type filters in Band Pass and Notch type Filters . A Notch type Filter attenuates a narrow Band of frequencies while allowing all other frequencies to pass with only a slight loss. A Band Pass filter passes a narrow band of frequencies with a very little loss while attenuating all other signals outside the band.

Cavity Filters are available up to 960 Mhz with any type of connector that each customer specifies and are factory tunned to the frequencies requested.

OPT HELLAS offers Duplexers and Diplexers in the frequency range of 136 Mhz to 2500 Mhz.The Duplexers and Diplexers serve essentially the same function , they connect two 50 Ω ports of the Base Transceiver System (two transmitters, transmitter and receiver or two receivers) at separate frequencies to a common 50 Ω antenna.

Duplexers combine receive and transmit system, while diplexers combine two transmitters or two receivers. When duplexed , isolation between the two portions of the system is determined by the rejection of each filter path in the duplexer or diplexer provides. When ordering Duplexers or Diplexers you must specify the Channel Spacing “ Split”, Power handling, Connector type VSWR and type ( Bandpass or Notch ) because these are factory tunned.
OPT HELLAS offers custom made, to specific requirements Inductive Components , such as:
• Toroidal Inductors ( RF and Power )
• Bifilar and Trifilar
• Transformers
• SMT and Thru holes
• Pot cores
The monitoring of our processes and the tests made during the manufacturing steps and at the final verification guarantees that the finished products are in compliance to customer’s specifications.

Our goal is to supply quality products in accordance to the specification of the customer at competetive prices.

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